The Bridezilla Virus
The Bridezilla Virus

The Bridezilla Virus

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It's the "B" blog!

Helpful hints to stay sane.

Welcome to the Bridezilla Blog! 

We are very excited to premiere our book at Wedding MBA this past October in Las Vegas. 

Writing a book is much like planning a wedding (without a specific deadline.) Every detail is checked, double checked, and then forgotten to be rechecked closer to the deadline. Stress occurs in our daily lives but it seems to multiple times 100 when it involves placecards, bridesmaids, and mothers! Let me help you get through the "ruff" times (yes... it's in the book) and help you enjoy the wedding planning process so you don't become a "B" fill in the rest!

As the engagement season approaches, the wedding expo season approaches as well. Wedding Expos or known as wedding shows are filled with professional vendors waiting to give you information on their services. Wedding Shows/Expos tend to be information overload. This is the perfect place to find and compare possible vendors for your big event. In January, 

The Bridezilla Virus will be at the Wonderful World of Weddings at the Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center. Mark your calendars!   


Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times. So much is expected of you (the bride) to host the event of the century. We all have a vision in our head of our wedding day. Much like Cinderella, we want the ball gown, handsome prince, and glass slippers (which hurt of feet!) When stress becomes too much to handle I advise to take a moment or three to decompress. Do something you enjoy.... such as a enjoying a glass of wine while in a bubble bath, a walk, go ahead and eat that donut (one will not kill you,) workout, spend some alone time with your significant other and DO NOT TALK WEDDING, scream, cry, and the list goes on. It's normal to have these feeling. You are not alone during the wedding planning process, we are here to help with tips and tricks to get through it. 


Saving for a wedding is a difficult task. You have a budget in mind but the realization is, saving means sacrifice. A wedding is a one day event and one of the most expensive purchase (besides a house) you will have to date. How do you save and not sacrifice your social life, food, or drink? Be realistic in your savings goals. Unexpected expenses pop up all the time. A simple savings trick is to begin removing your change from any purchase and save it in a cup/bank/container at home. I found by doing this I free up my purse from the added weight of the coins, the coins add up quickly, and I do not miss extra money from my budget. Give it a try and sees what happens!  

With the holidays just around the corner, I find myself on a particular website instead of my own. Needless to say this site is Pinterest!!!! I can spend hours searching, pinning, and learning. The only problem I have is that I spend too much time doing these things. Daily household duties, blogging, and numerous other tasks go undone because I feel I may miss something new. We all can get sidetracked from tasks at hand. The best thing to do is to set aside a specific amount of time to search pins. This is a difficult task but you must  master the art of restraint. Start with a timer to limit your search time. This from of discipline will help you during the wedding planning process. Spending too much time on one item will put you behind in your other tasks and on the path to becoming a "B." 


A few weeks ago I had the honor of being interviewed by Elizabeth Kay of WMXY 99.1 The Mix radio in Milwaukee. Elizabeth love my book wanted her listeners to get vaccinated! The podcast entitled "The other "B" word women don't want to be called!" is fun,and informational. Check it out at:  or try the link below.


Great news new book is started and it will be the perfect complement to "How to avoid catching the Bridezilla Virus." "Did I really raise a Bridezilla?" is a practical (and humorous) view on wedding planning from the parents perspective. General fears, expectations, and opinions are discussed along with helpful tips and tricks to help talk with your daughter about her wedding a calm way. Stay tuned for more details!


Congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples! Hopefully the Bridezilla virus hasn't infected you yet!

Announcing your engagement to the world is the first thing you will want to do but be cautious. Once you announce you are getting married every person in the world will give you suggestions on what your wedding celebration should be. This may be helpful but most times it will becoming frustrating. I suggest the first thing to do is to have a "wedding date" with your significant other and decide as a couple what you would like your wedding celebration to be. Once you have an idea of theme, color, location, venue then I would announce your happy news. Unsure of where to start discussing your wedding ideas with your partner? Send me an email and I will send you my wedding day quiz. It will get you started on your planning.   


I had a great time at the Wonderful World of Weddings this past weekend. So many were "Vaccinated" from the Bridezilla Virus!  Our goal is to eliminate the virus, or at least minimize it's symptoms by spreading the word about the book. Many of people who stopped by my booth suggested that the simple round object I talk about in "The Glass Slipper Syndrome" be used on unwilling bridal party members to keep in line. I like the suggestion and will consider using it some time soon.  If you are confused about with object it the book! You may now purchase the book on our website too. 



There are so many details to keep straight while planning any event, let alone a wedding. How do you stay organized without shooting yourself (with bullet points?) Just getting items for blogging, writing chapters for my next book, or even remembering passwords for various websites seems impossible at times. My suggestion for getting yourself back on track when all seems lost is to take a moment for yourself and clear your head of the zillions of worries, concern, and memos you have stored. Next, begin writing anything down you can that needs to be done. Don't worry about any type of order at this time, the main idea is to get pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard.) Email yourself ideas as well. When you have a few items, arrange them according to importance. You will be amazed how quickly you get things done! 

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Elizabeth Kay & Radar from 99.1 The Mix this week. We discussed the issue of mothers wearing white (ivory or champagne) to their child's wedding. While this is definitely an issue, it is best to speak honestly to your mother about their choice of dress color. You will never be considered a "B" if you are true to your feelings.

Planning a wedding will bring out the worst critics in the world. Guests and bystanders will voice their opinions, wants, and suggestions at will. Television shows that tell stories of multiple weddings highlight the criticism of guest brides. I get upset with these shows since most of the complaints are based on things that cannot be controlled like weather, loud music, length of ceremony, lack of programs, the couples person taste....and the list goes on! Weddings are not a competition. It is not about the is about the commitment to each other.